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Running a race in all 50 states!

Decisions and a Step Back

I’m not running in the Dublin Marathon.

Ohio: Hamilton Nightglow Half Marathon

So Alaska was not my last half of the year after all. In my training plan, I realized that I had two 13.1 long runs scheduled, so I figured I might as well register for...

Alaska: Mayor’s Midnight Sun Half Marathon

I was in a hurry to get Alaska done. My “strategy” is to do a mix of close and far away states during a year so that I’m not left with a lot of...

Tennessee: Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville

In summary: Best spectators. Unforgiving hills.

Arizona: Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona

My first half of the year! I had signed up for this before signing up for Las Vegas. I considered it a birthday gift. My mom came with me, and we stayed in Phoenix...

Nevada: Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas

I had already signed up for Savannah and planned for it to be my last half for the year. Then my mom casually mentioned that her favorite band was going to be headlining some...

Georgia: Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah

I was not better.

Kentucky: Run the Bluegrass

To be honest, I stopped running for a really long time. Or at least, I stopped being consistent about it. After the Disney Princess Half, I was having a hard time at my job...

Florida: Disney Princess Half Marathon

This was my first half marathon. I have never been athletic. I don’t quite remember what set me on the running path, but at some point, I was signing up for the Disney Princess...